Surrogate Partner Therapy
Peter appears in the new series created for Black Pills in the role of Bill Martin, father of the lead actress. So far, he is in two episodes of the first season. The series is directed by Mateo Guez and produced by Together Media 2.

Peter plays yet another baddie in this English-speaking web-series directed by Olivier Schneider and Pascal Sid with a scenario by Luc Besson. Co-produced by Europa-Corp, the ten ten-minute episodes will be available on smartphone (Blackpills) from November 2016.

Urban Jungle
Another web series in English, (10X11min) Urban Jungle tells the story of a revolt of the animals. Directed by Nicolas Duval, it is produced by Breakout Films and Serena Film, Prague. Peter plays the mayor of the city, in conflict with Ulysses, played by Peter's son, Tom Hudson.


Peter is guest in two episodes of the France 2 series, now in its second season. François Jeunet is trying to discover the cause of death of his son, played by Tom Hudson.
Peter was delighted to work with director Serge Brami.

The historical series screened on Canal + and on BBC 2.
Peter plays Dr Masson, personal physician to the king, Louis XIV.
Sadly, he comes to a sticky end in episode 7, but he was happy (when alive) to be in a period piece with a variety of great directors: Jalil Lespert, Christoph Schrewe (The Borgias) Thomas Vincent (The Borgias, Tunnel) Peter was particularly happy to meet up again with Jalil Lespert, with whom he had worked on Lignes de Front and Pigalle La Nuit.


Luc Besson's new film Valerian will be in cinemas in July 2017.
Peter plays Captain Crowford.

Peter plays Admiral Buchanan, the personal physician to the Kennedys in Pablo Larrain's film starring Natalie Portman and produced by Darren Aronovsky. It recounts the four days following the assassination of JFK.

• Grain of sand
Peter will play the role of Jupiter in Dominique Arnault's short film, written by Adrien Percerou. The King of the Gods is angry with Cupid who has decided to abandon his mission! Shooting autumn 2017.

• Who killed Roger Ackroyd ?
Jean-Christophe Klotz, who directed Peter in Ligne de Front (Front Line), asked him to play Dr Sheppard, the murderer, in his drama doc on Agatha Christie. Produced by Les Films du Poisson.

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