• Agents
Following the retirement of Peter's long-time artistic agent, Dominique Varda, Peter is excited to be beginning a new chapter with Laurence Bagoë, a dynamic and talented agent he has known for many years.

For voice, Peter is now on the books of the Voix-ci, Voix-là voice agency.

• Une dépression américaine
In September 2019, Peter worked once again with Sylvain Desmille. He recorded French and English voices for his new documentary, "Une dépression américaine", produced by Les Batelières Productions.
First release in France on the channel Toute l'Histoire : 10-10-2019.


• Gaïactica
Since 28th September 2019, Peter, as Professor Snow, assists you virtually during the first immersive adventure about climate change. Professor Snow has invented the time travelling ship Gaïactica… in the end of the 21th century! In 2019, your mission is : trying to limit the global warming. You've got 60 minutes!
Created by Dorian Tourin-Lebret, the life-size experience "Gaïactica" willl be located in Cap Sciences in Bordeaux (France).

• Claude Monet, the Water Lily obsession
The virtual reality experience "Claude Monet, the Water Lily obsession" was presented at the Musée de l’Orangerie, in Paris, from November 2018 to March 2019. It leads the public into the creation of the painter's gigantic masterpiece "The Water Lilies".
In the English version, Peter plays Georges Clémenceau.
In 2019, this program won several awards:
. Viveport Developer Award in Art and Culture category,
. Jury honourable mention for Best Interactive Work at the International Festival of Films on Art,
. Silver MUSE Award in AR, VR and Mixed Reality category (American Alliance of Museums),
. Grand Prix PIXII at the Sunny Side of the Doc / PIXII Festival.

• Mirage
Peter is very happy to be involved in a flagship English-speaking series, "Mirage", coproduced by Lincoln TV (France), ZDF (Germany) and Cineflix (Canada). It’s one of the three first productions of L’Alliance, a collaboration between three European broadcasting companies (France, Italy and Germany).
To be released in France on France 2.
Peter shot in the Gulf States and Morocco through April and June 2019.


• The Trial of Lady Chatterley
The drama-doc "Le procès de Lady Chatterley - Orgasme et lutte des classes dans un jardin anglais.", directed by Mathilde Damoisel, tells the story of the 1960 UK obscenity trial of the publisher Penguin Books for publishing an uncensored version of "Lady Chatterley's Lover", written in the 1920s by D.H. Lawrence.
Peter plays Gerald Gardiner, the barrister defending Penguin Books.
Produced by Quark Productions for release on ARTE.
Shooting: February 2019.
Release: 16 october 2019.

• Audio-guides
In 2019, Peter’s voice guides, in English, the visitors of the Van Gogh Exhibition, "La nuit étoilée" ("Van Gogh, Starry Night") at the Atelier des Lumières, in Paris, from February to December.
He also recorded voices for the Louvre and Chenonceau Castle.

• Commercials
In 2019, Peter’s voice was chosen by Tefal for their campaigns in India.


• Story time !
In 2015, Peter recorded stories for children in English: 13 episodes of a cartoon series, "Story time !", produced by Le Regard Sonore.
Second series to follow.

• Voice over
Peter is now a member of LES VOIX.FR.

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