• Marie-Antoinette
Peter will play Lord Stormont, the English Ambassador to the French Court, in the series "Marie-Antoinette" (8 x 52 min). Co-produced by CAPA Drama, this series in English is, like "Versailles", an Original Creation for the French channel Canal+.
Shooting : January 2022


• White Friar
Peter is happy to be part of the film written, directed and played by Ivan Murphy, "White Friar". In this independant feature film inspired by a true story set in WW2, Peter will be the Air Commodore Philips.
Shooting in Strasbourg (France) : Spring 2022.


• No Wonder White Stains
On 29-1-2021, at the Atelier de la Main d’Or (in Paris), Peter read "No Wonder White Stains", a short poetic novella written by Fabrice Pataut.
A new reading, with public this time, was scheduled on 18-11-2021, at the same place.
Link to watch the reading
Link to watch an excerpt




• Les femmes italiennes sont toutes des Miss !
For Les Films du Poisson, Peter recorded the English narration of the 52 minutes documentary "Les femmes italiennes sont toutes des Miss !", directed by Roberto Garzelli.
Through the history of the Miss Italy Contest from 1939 to the modern days, the film shows the evolution of women's status and their representation in the Italian media.
First release in France: 29-10-2021 on the channel Histoire.




• Charlie Chaplin - The Genius of Liberty
Peter is the English narrator of the documentary "Charlie Chaplin - The Genius of Liberty". Voice recorded in 2021.
Co-written with François Aymé, directed by Yves Jeuland, co-produced by Kuiv, Michel Rotman and Lobster Films, this film is the first all-archive documentary devoted to Charlie Chaplin. It's made of classic scenes and unknown sequences.
It was selected, notably, for the Festival de Cannes 2020 (France), the Festival Lumières de Lyon 2020 (France) and the Festival International du Film sur l’Art 2021 (Montréal - Canada).




• The Last Duel
Peter appears in Ridley Scott's new film, "The Last Duel". Written by Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Nicole Holofcener, this medieval story is inspired by a novel published by Eric Jager in 2004. The main roles are played by Matt Damon, Jodie Comer and Adam Driver.
Shooting in France in 2020 (February/March in Dordogne for Peter).
First release: Venice Film Festival on 10-9-2021.
Release France: 13-10-2021.
Release USA: 15-10-2021.



• HLWW: Highlander Watchercon
From 1992 to 1998, Peter was the Watcher James Horton, Duncan MacLeod’s enemy, in the series "Highlander".
He is happy to have been one of the guests of "HLWW: Highlander Watchercon", the virtual convention organized by Highlander WorldWide on 21st and 22nd August 2021.
Peter was scheduled on Sunday.

Link: http://www.highlanderworldwide.com/hlww-watchercon/

On this occasion, James Lowe received Peter, on 5-8-2021, for "The Jiggy Jaguar Show": 52 minutes to talk about Highlander, bees and life.

Link: https://jiggyjaguar.com/jigg/ep-8-5-2021-the-jiggy-jaguar-show-peter-hudson-from-highlander-tv/?fbclid=IwAR3m2LYHjLoawBCf-FBJ9cbZti2yIyAnCBbDGvTCZP6OnpP0QPKohInR0YQ




• Alma and the Ice Shadows
In 2021, Peter is the narrator, in English, of a new 26 minutes cartoon for children, produced by Le Regard Sonore: "Alma and the Ice Shadows".



• Various voices
Peter also recorded voices for I LOVE MY PROD, Agovision and Gédéon Programmes.



• An American Depression
In September 2019, Peter worked once again with Sylvain Desmille. He recorded French and English voices for his documentary, "An American Depression", produced by Les Batelières Productions.
Release in France on the channels Toute l'Histoire (10-10-2019) and LCP (4-11-2019).
French title: "Une dépression américaine".
On DVD: 1-2-2021.


• Gaïactica
Peter, as Professor Snow, assists you virtually during the first immersive adventure about climate change. Professor Snow has invented the time travelling ship Gaïactica… in the end of the 21th century! In 2019, your mission is: trying to limit global warming. You've got 60 minutes!
Created by Dorian Tourin-Lebret, the life-size experience "Gaïactica" was located in Cap Sciences in Bordeaux (France) from 28 September 2019 to 5 September 2021.
The Gaïactica ship has moved to another planet, but it returns to Earth from time to time: in Paris on 2 and 3 October 2021, at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, during the "Fête de la Science".

• Commercials
Peter still works for Renault, Tefal…

• Voice over
Peter is a member of LES VOIX.FR.

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