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Peter is a British-born actor who also has French nationality.
He works in both languages.

He spent much of his childhood outside Britain as his father worked for the British government: Sudan, Guiana, Yemen...
He still enjoys travelling, which suits an international acting career perfectly. He has shot in western and eastern Europe, Turkey, Israel, the Caribbean, Canada...

He was educated in Britain - a traditional 'Public School' education - and went on to Exeter University (Education/French) and East Anglia University (Comparative Literature/French) before becoming a teacher in a state school. He played first division rugby and sung in several rock bands.

He has been settled in France for almost thirty years, first teaching at the Paris Academy - phonology and phonetics - while beginning to write and direct in the theatre.

Meeting Samuel Beckett, who encouraged him with his writing, was of major importance and Peter gave up teaching and began more regular theatre work, acting and directing.

He quickly had representation as an actor both in Paris and London and his career developed, especially in Canada,, where his performance as James Horton in the iconic Highlander series (1993-1998) brought him into the public eye. Other series followed,


most recently as Louis XIV's doctor, Masson in the series Versailles on BBC2. He has also worked on several web series.

In cinema his roles have also been varied, since his first one-liner on a Claude Lelouche movie. He has shot with Alain Resnais, Norman Jewison, Luc Besson, Paolo Barzman, Pablo Larrain...
recently in Jackie with Nathalie Portman and Valerian, the Luc Besson movie due out later in the year.

Peter also has a rich voice-acting career, regularly voicing documentaries, commercials and (something he loves) cartoons.

He has kept in touch with literature, written two unpublished novels and translated five Léo Malet novels into English for Pan Books.
He has written and directed one short film: The Chewing gum and Mrs Andrews , sold in America, and directed plays, particularly those of Beckett.

He has had a rich personal life and is the extremely lucky father of two daughters and two sons. Both the boys are in the 'business'. Lucas, a director, just won a prize at the One-Reeler festival in L.A. and Tom, an actor, is presently shooting on Kursk, the new Thomas Vinterberg film.

Peter is also a bee-keeper and is active in the environmental and human rights arena.


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